Does Healing Music Work?

Music can heal as well. Just browsing through the Internet or nearby audio, we find a wide variety of music healing audio/video collection. Music labeled with “Healing Music” is indeed selling like hot cake. Be it in the name of relaxation, meditation, stress reduction, or pain relief, Healing Music CDs claim that they have been capable of healing.

What’s “healing music” in fact?

Undoubtedly, music is capable of stirring our innermost feelings and emotions. The language of music is indeed universal and gets ourselves connected deeply and uniquely.

It is undeniable that there are certain types of music, which are capable of energizing you, move you to tears, or strike the perfect accord with your pleasant past experiences. Of course, there is a type of music, which relaxes, de-stress, and makes you feel happier. Well, there is music for one’s soul too.

My Opinion from Music Teaching point of view

While I conduct music classes in Noida imparting Indian Classical Music training, I question my students on this issue. Well, the answers, which I receive are astonishing. Some students say that they actually feel light and calm during the practice sessions. What’s more, there are students, who even claim that their overall behaviour has changed considerably since learning Indian Classical Music.

Now, coming on to the healing part of music, anything that carries an element to relax and calm you, is capable of healing you as well. As it has been proved medically that more relaxed you are, better health you gain, it leads us to the conclusion that music heals.

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