Gurgaon Music Festival – Set to Celebrate, May it Reverberate!

While browsing my copy of Hindustan Times, I came across an interesting advertisement, ‘It is time for Gugaon to celebrate’. What for, I thought!

Surprisingly, my eyes started glancing through the legendary musicians. Oh, that’s it! In fact, I was looking for such kind of treat and knowing that it is all set to captivate Gurgaon this time, I felt good.

Significance of Gurgaon First Music Festival

Just a few days back, there was much hue and cry in Gurgaon. It remained in news for wrong reasons. Though a highly commercialized city, it witnesses traffic jams,  water logging, and many more similar problems.

Anyway, the Gurgaon Music Festival, to be held from July 16 to Aug 1 is delightful. If on the one hand, it’s going to build reputation for the city, on the other it’s set to galvanize the people to do something substantial. Music Festivals, when organized on such a massive scale involving senior musicians, always bear positive results for the community.

So, here we are with the biggest ever cultural extravaganza for the residents of Gurgaon. It will be held at Epicenter and Gurgaon Gymkhana, easily accessible for the residents of Gurgaon.

With eminent personalities out there in the middle of the city, Gurgaon is bound to witness its status exalting beyond imagination.

My only wish is that as Gurgaon is set to Celebrate, may it reverberate to NOIDA soon!

Be there to be a part of this memorable music event!

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