UK Suspends Speed Cameras, It’s Just Like Indian Roads Now!

I could not think, even in my wildest dreams! When the world plunges into recession, it resorts to some interesting solutions. Now, here’s something mind blowing.

The Government of United Kingdom axes speed camera funds. WOW!

We, in India, always thought that the UK is far disciplined than India, when it comes to ordinary roads. Well, you need to change your opinion now.

As the Government has announced to get rid of speed cameras installed on the UK roads, it has resorted to this decision as it seem them as the “cash cows” for local councils.

Here’s an interesting comment by the Junior transport minister Mike Penning said that the cameras were being used primarily as a source of revenue for local authorities and not for road safety.

Mr Penning pointed out that the number of speed cameras in the country has grown by three times and largely perceived as the “cash cows”.

My interpretation, of the above issue, is interesting. We (some strict disciplinarians) always dreamed of getting speed cameras installed on our roads. We always looked to west as better organized and equipped in handling its day to day pursuits.

Well, it proves that everything’s economic, you see!

I am impressed. This world is realizing the importance of equality now. 🙂

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