Lost my Wallet! Learnt a lesson but.

Today was an eventful day. I lost my wallet. Gone with it my pan card, driving license, some documents, and above all, hard earned cash. In fact, it slipped out of my shorts.

As I am of the opinion that if something like this happens, you must learn a lesson, here is what I learnt from the incident:

  • It’s always better not to keep your important documents in your wallet. After losing my Pan Card, I was just thinking that what was ‘that’ doing in my wallet. Well, this is what realization is, you see.
  • Driving License is something, which you cannot avoid. However, it is good to keep it elsewhere as wallet is vulnerable to stealing, if not getting lost.
  • Above all, don’t keep your wallet in your short’s pocket. Usually they are not that deep. Learn from my mistake my friends as I paid the price for it instead of paying the price to the chemist ( I was about to pay to the chemist).

Well, I could not do anything other than blocking my debit/credit cards instantaneously. Anyway whatever happens just happens. You have to take it into your stride. Here I am  doing it!

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