Advantages of Online Music Classes

Replacing the traditional music classes is fast changing the overall music teaching scenario as of now.  Since the Internet technology is advancing at a rapid pace, there are no trade-offs in terms of quality or personal human interaction.  Online music sessions are just as personal and effective as normal interactions. So, to sum up, following are the advantages of this new form of interaction:
  • Save Time and Money
  • Get Personalized Attention
  • No Transportation Hassles, Pollution
  • More Convenient Music Learning Environment
  • Safe For Female Candidates
  • No Distractions During the Session
  • Comfortable and Secure Music Sessions
  • Can Opt for Voice Only Mode without Camera
The online music learning process is completely natural and is simple and convenient. It’s just as personal as learning traditionally. But don’t take my word for it as you can see exactly how it works. You can judge yourself by just going for a demo class.

Online Music Course – Indian Classical & Light (Ghazal, Bhajan, Hindi Songs)


If you value Indian Classical Music and would love to learn it the right way, here’s your chance.

Comprehensively Designed Indian Classical and Light Music Course

Our Online Indian Classical & Light Music course is comprehensively designed to deliver the right kind of voice training and singing style.

Training for Vocals Only

Female to Female Online Music Instructor

Classes by Professionally Acclaimed Singers Only1015679_10151451661300754_515092453_o

Having loads of professional experience, both me and my wife, Sarita, are delivering music lessons since a long time.

Backed with a Music Degree from the most prestigious music institution in India, Gandharava Mahavidyalaya, I have been into professional singing since a long time.Sarita has earned her post graduation in Music from Delhi University.

Above all, it’s the professional touch that counts!


Classes on Skype and Google+

Online Music Lesson Fee Structure:

1 hour slot (ideal for Indian Music Lessons)

Fee for 4 Sessions in a Month is INR 4000 @ INR 1000 per session (please convert to your currency as per current exchange rate)

Fee for 8 Sessions in a month is INR 8000 @ INR 1000 per session (please convert to your currency as per current exchange rate)

Please note that the payment is taken monthly in advance.

Mode of Payment

Payment can be made through paypal with the following e-mail id:

You can get it transferred through Western Union.

Payments can also be made via Online Transfer directly to my account (ICICI Bank, Connaught Place Branch, New Delhi, 110001). Contact for further details.

Schedule a Session: As online music classes for Indian Classical Music involves genuine private appointments with a live online interaction, you are required to seek a well defined schedule before starting your interactive sessions.

Please feel free to call any of the following numbers:



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