Lost my Wallet! Learnt a lesson but.

Today was an eventful day. I lost my wallet. Gone with it my pan card, driving license, some documents, and above all, hard earned cash. In fact, it slipped out of my shorts.

As I am of the opinion that if something like this happens, you must learn a lesson, here is what I learnt from the incident:

  • It’s always better not to keep your important documents in your wallet. After losing my Pan Card, I was just thinking that what was ‘that’ doing in my wallet. Well, this is what realization is, you see.
  • Driving License is something, which you cannot avoid. However, it is good to keep it elsewhere as wallet is vulnerable to stealing, if not getting lost.
  • Above all, don’t keep your wallet in your short’s pocket. Usually they are not that deep. Learn from my mistake my friends as I paid the price for it instead of paying the price to the chemist ( I was about to pay to the chemist).

Well, I could not do anything other than blocking my debit/credit cards instantaneously. Anyway whatever happens just happens. You have to take it into your stride. Here I am  doing it!

UK Suspends Speed Cameras, It’s Just Like Indian Roads Now!

I could not think, even in my wildest dreams! When the world plunges into recession, it resorts to some interesting solutions. Now, here’s something mind blowing.

The Government of United Kingdom axes speed camera funds. WOW!

We, in India, always thought that the UK is far disciplined than India, when it comes to ordinary roads. Well, you need to change your opinion now.

As the Government has announced to get rid of speed cameras installed on the UK roads, it has resorted to this decision as it seem them as the “cash cows” for local councils.

Here’s an interesting comment by the Junior transport minister Mike Penning said that the cameras were being used primarily as a source of revenue for local authorities and not for road safety.

Mr Penning pointed out that the number of speed cameras in the country has grown by three times and largely perceived as the “cash cows”.

My interpretation, of the above issue, is interesting. We (some strict disciplinarians) always dreamed of getting speed cameras installed on our roads. We always looked to west as better organized and equipped in handling its day to day pursuits.

Well, it proves that everything’s economic, you see!

I am impressed. This world is realizing the importance of equality now. 🙂

Minimum Wage Law in Hon Kong – A Sigh of Relief

In its first ever attempt to resolve a decade old confrontation; Hong Kong passed its first minimum wage law.

It took 40 odd hours, which involved heated debate between the city’s business sector and labour groups, to resolve the issue in the favour of labour. Indeed, it’s a historic moment for Hong Kong.

So, just in a few months time, the government-appointed task group is set to propose a minimum wage level.

However, the tenets of implementing the law are a matter of debate.

Significance of this Decision in a Capitalist Economy

Well, the decision to go for the law was taken since it was felt that there are some practices, which are bearing negative results especially for the labour class. The whole point is that the workers must be secured to a certain level.

It is great to note that the government is set to control the legal framework for setting the minimum wage.

The Unions Demand

Unions have pushed for the demand to get 4.2 US dollars an hour against 2-3 dollars, the current wage in nearly most of the private firms.

Even in major countries such as London and New York, the rates are set between 7.25 and 8.80 US dollars.

Regulatory measures amidst the free economy conundrum are direly needed in my opinion. I heartily support this decision.

My Tribute to Czech Music and Mozart Authority, Charles Mackerras

For those who witnessed the opening concert at the Sydney Opera House with Charles Mackerras, it was a mournful evening. An authority on Czech Music and Mozart, the Australian conductor Sir Charles Mackerras died in London. He was 84.

It was the same man who became the first non-Briton to conduct the BBC Symphony Orchestra. It was in 1980s in wake of the Last Night of the Proms.

He was born in New York in 1925 to Australian parents. Went to Australia for studying oboe and piano at the New South Wales Conservatorium. Thereafter, he went to Prague and was known as an authority on both Czech music, particularly Janáček, and Mozart.

Recognized for his pioneering efforts, it was he who delivered first London performance of Janáček’s Katya Kabanova in 1951. The venue was at Sadler’s Wells. He also went on to become musical director of Sadler’s Wells.
His high stature in music can be ascertained with the fact that he conducted 26 operas at Covent Garden, by 15 different composers.

Mackerras had a long association with the Sydney Symphony since he remained the principal oboist in 1946. Also its chief conductor in 1973, he was knighted in 1979.

My tribute to Sir Charles Mackerras, an eminent conductor and a special part of the Sydney Symphony family. He will be loved through the generations to come.

Chicken or the Egg? It’s Chicken says British Scientists

Are you still perplexed with the age old question, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Well, British scientists have an answer for you. They say, and with confidence, it’s chicken.

So, here we are with scientific and philosophical mystery solved. Thanks to the researchers at Sheffield and Warwick universities. Daily Mail newspaper must also be congratulated for disseminating the information.

How did they prove it?

The scientists claim that they have found protein only in a chicken’s ovaries, which is essential to form the egg. The egg can only exist when supported by a chicken, who keeps it inside.

There’s nothing to argue and prove now! 😛

Deregulation of Fuel Prices by UPA

Amidst the euphoria created by IMF projecting India’s growth at 9.4% during 2010, there’s a dark side as well. The UNDP shows that 320 million Indians  live under extreme poverty.

68 infants per thousand die while the infant mortality rate is 93 per 1000 births, below 5 years.

Well, there are other shocking statistics as well. However, despite all this, the UPA has deregulated the fuel prices. When people are reeling under tremendous economic stress, taking this step is totally unjustified. As the news came in, I was sure that its ripple effect would devastate the common man. And I was right, since the prices of essential commodities are sky rocketing in wake of this.

It is the responsibility of the government to protect its citizens.

I Was Rich, Just a Week Ago

Sweet Home

Last week, when I went to purchase vegetables, I said to my wife, ‘dear please keep Rs.500/- only’. She obeyed, to my surprise. Anyway, as it is our habit to explore the market, understand every vegetable vendor, scrutinize every vegetable, before taking the final call, we did the same. Rs.413/- were invested for the forthcoming week. We also purchased some fruits, though keeping distance from some of the elite fruits.

However, this week, when I said to my wife, dear please keep Rs.500/- only, she starred at me. She gave me threatening looks. “You say that you read newspapers daily. You also say that you know everything from wars to football matches, then don’t you know the prices this week”?.

As I am always of the opinion that man, if unable to satisfy a woman must justify the man, retaliated that she is not aware of the prices. I said that we will avoid fruits this week and thus the amount dictated is appropriate.

She smiled, as usual and we went to the market. Interestingly, I always carry a traveler’s bag to buy vegetables, I did the same, as usual.

I saw people smiling at me. They said, it’s OK that you have come with this bag, but can you really fill it as usual. I understood the whole story. I was no longer a rich man now. My wife is suave otherwise it would have been really difficult for me to justify at this point of time.

July 5, 2010 Bharat Bandh

Bharat Bandh was called on July 5, 2010. Opposing the price rise, the bandh remained successful in almost all parts of India. Although, there were some incidents of violence, the purpose behind the bandh, as envisaged by the non-Congress political parties, remained highly successful. The present Government of India must  realize the fact that it is becoming hard for the common man to sustain his life. It becomes obligatory to remind here that Congress came to power swearing by this very common man.

Who is a Common Man?

You must have heard a lot these days about this common man. After all, I ventured into the vicinities of Delhi to know about this phrase, Common Man. Common Man, as the phrase suggests, is very common. Moreover, it is becoming more common to find this common man, especially under the rule of Congress, which took office in 2008 perhaps, if I am correct.  In its second term, the Congress has proved that it is capable of doing anything. The party has showed that it is capable of making an uncommon man a common man.

Hats off to the INC!

Govt Must Do Something To Stop Honour Killings

Honour crimes are on rise in India. The number of such incidents is increasing significantly. There are some states, which are deliberately pushing the issue in corner. This is to gain political or retain their current political stature. Government of India must do something at the earliest to prevent such incidents. The right to chose relations and marriage partner is constitutional and must be obeyed.

Ghazal Singers’ Struggle

Although musicians struggle throughout their lives, ghazal singers struggle harder, especially in the Indian context. As India enters into the next millenium, we see a concious effort to promote pop music more than any form of music. Indian Classical Music has suffered a major setback as a result. State is largely responsible for that in my opinion. There is consumerism everywhere. There is compeition. No sense prevails. Ghazal Singers in the present context must address their first and foremost responisbility. They must attempt to find means to sustain their livelihoods other than music. Only then they can turn their dreams into reality. Otherwise the future seems bleak.

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